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In today�s world of high velocity electronic commerce, businesses of all sizes require the security, performance and robustness of market leading e-commerce services. By working closely with a myriad of e-commerce software vendors, HgdHositng.Com has developed, integrated and implemented a highly competitive e-commerce platform that empowers merchants of all sizes to conduct either B2C (Business-to-Consumer) or B2B (Business-to-Business) transactions. Our diverse feature-rich e-commerce portfolio is available to shared as well as dedicated and advanced hosting customers.

Dedicated / Advanced Hosting

Businesses that require mission critical performance, scalability and industry-leading features will require much more than what is typically available in a shared hosting environment. HgdHositng.Com, in combination with our Professional Services team, have developed and deployed a secure, high-performance and fully scalable dedicated and advanced hosting platform for this level of sophistication. Business customers that demand the performance and reliability of a dedicated or advanced solution will be able to leverage both our pre-established relationships with a myriad of software vendors, as well as our technical expertise on these platforms.

Microsoft Site Server Commerce Edition v3.0 Microsoft� Site Server Commerce Edition is a comprehensive Internet commerce server�optimized for Microsoft Windows NT� Server�that enables businesses to cost-effectively engage and transact with customers and partners online for both business-to-consumer and business-to-business applications.

Microsoft Site Server Commerce Edition is a comprehensive Internet commerce server for engaging customers, transacting business, and analyzing eCommerce Web sites. Site Server Commerce Edition helps businesses deploy and manage business-to-consumer, corporate purchasing, and supply chain management applications. By providing a comprehensive set of server components, management tools, and sample sites, it significantly reduces development time and costs for these applications.

Site Server Commerce Edition enables the sale of goods and services to customers and business trading partners. You can promote and merchandise products dynamically, run a more efficient online business, derive revenue from online advertising, and understand and improve your business through comprehensive site analysis. Site Server Commerce Edition provides a comprehensive set of features that can be easily integrated into existing accounting or order management systems. And software from more than 50 independent application vendors makes it possible to extend the platform�with specialized billing, payment, or accounting systems, for example�with less need for custom development

Commerce Server includes a comprehensive set of features, sample sites, and tools that enable you to engage customers and transact business online:
  Site Builder Wizard and Sample Sites remove the complexity of database schema editing, scripting, and HTML coding. The simple, step-by-step approach of the Site Builder Wizard dramatically reduces site development time. Sample sites provide examples of business-to-consumer and business-to-business commerce applications.
  Dynamic merchandising provides support for easy, real-time administration of product and price promotions from any remote Web browser through the Promotion Wizard. Intelligent CrossSell uses previous shopper trends to automatically make recommendations.
  Order Processing Pipeline handles targeted functions�such as product tax, shipping and handling charges, payment authorizations, and inventory checks�according to specific business rules. It can be integrated with existing systems and can also be extended with many products from independent software vendors.
  Commerce Interchange Pipeline enables applications to exchange information using the Internet or an existing EDI system. Because the Commerce Interchange Pipeline is data format-independent and transport-independent, businesses of all sizes can communicate securely. The Commerce Interchange Pipeline supports native Web formats such as XML and HTTP as well as those from numerous independent EDI software vendors.
  Integration with Microsoft Transaction Server�a transaction processing system included with the Windows NT Option Pack�allows Site Server to provide site and application developers a business-critical solution that offers significantly higher reliability in business transactions.
  Dynamic catalog generation creates custom Web catalog pages on the fly using Active Server Pages to directly address the needs, qualifications, and interests of visiting customers.
  Rich object model manages products, users, and orders. It supports schema and database independence, enabling businesses to integrate their existing business rules and data with their online presence.
  Buy Now, a powerful online marketing solution, lets you embed product information and order forms in most online contexts�such as online banner ads�for quick, spontaneous purchase by consumers.
  Commerce Host Administrator, a control center for site administrators and Internet hosting service providers, enables the centralized administration of multiple commerce sites while allowing individual site managers to update their sites remotely.
  Built-in Microsoft Wallet support helps businesses provide customers with the most convenient and secure online payment experience.
  Industry-standard security creates a secure environment for customers, partners, and site/application administrators with strong, integrated HTTP Authentication and Windows Challenge Response. Site Server Commerce Edition supports real-time credit authorization with secure transaction protocols such as SSL and Secure Electronic Transaction (SET).
  Commerce Server Software Developer's Kit (SDK), a set of open application programming interfaces (APIs), allows full extensibility across the entire Order Processing and Commerce Interchange Pipelines.


INTERSHOPMerchant is a dedicated server solution that lets Commerce Service Providers provide customers with all the performance, memory, and database power that a high-traffic site requires. INTERSHOP Merchant lets you customize and integrate for specific customer needs without their performance being impeded by other stores, which would otherwise reside on the same server.

INTERSHOP Merchant enables sellers to design and build dynamic and successful environments for buyers through a number of site building options:
  • Store Design Wizard: INTERSHOP Merchant allows sellers to create a unique look and feel for their e-commerce sites - all from a browser, complete with existing templates that can be edited to meet design needs.
  • Custom Store Creation: INTERSHOP Merchant's Template Language Extension and Server Side Scripting allow sellers to fully customize sites to maximize the buyer's experience. The Import/Export function makes it easy to import existing product databases and site design directly into INTERSHOP.
  • Merchandising: Beyond attractive site design, another key to managing a successful e-commerce venture is effective merchandising.
  • Complete Product Line: INTERSHOP Merchant, through its CSP Partners, offers sellers a complete upgrade path, from simple online storefronts to advanced e-commcerce solutions that integrate into back-end systems.
  • Scalability: INTERSHOP Merchant manages enterprises with thousands of products just as effectively as businesses with only 100 SKUs. And INTERSHOP Merchant's flexible four-tier architecture allows CSPs to separate components onto multiple servers, enbaling them to scale to handle extensive traffic and growth.