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High-volume DotComs and Corporations need their Web server networks to be the fastest, most secure, and most reliable possible, and using HgdHositng.Com offers a performance edge. To cover the globe with consistently faster private service, our Intelligent Network connects your content directly to users from all over the world, with multiple Points of Presence (POPs) and private peering arrangements.

In addition, HgdHositng.Com's Content Delivery Service provides Web businesses with dependable, high performance delivery of rich Web content and Internet applications through services that are scalable, easily implemented, and easily managed. By moving content within a geographically distributed network of servers closer to end users, and then intelligently routing requests, the content delivery services reduce problems caused by Web congestion and network bottlenecks.

With HgdHositng.Com's Content Delivery Service, Web-intensive businesses can deliver more engaging sites that result in more page views, longer Web site visits and more transactions through faster downloads, richer content, peak crowd protection, lower costs, and easy implementation. Longer Web site visits and enhanced user experience can translate into greater advertising and e-commerce revenue.

Meet the challenges of rapid deployment and dynamic growth with HgdHositng.Com Professional Services. Call us for information and solutions at (888) WEB-HOST (932-4678), or send an email to psg@hgdhosting.com.